Best Cooking Music Ever

1. Requiem for a Tower–Escala
2. Billy Joel
3. Anything from Musicals. I prefer Chicago, Grease, Jesus Christ Superstar, Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Phantom of the Opera
4. Something upbeat like Regina Spektor, Kate Nash, Everlast, Jace Everett, Josh Turner–that kind of thing
5. Celtic music–Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman, Gaelic Storm, Orthodox Celts, Shannon and Steve Earle,
6. Paolo Conte, Vivaldi, Opera music when cooking something that requires a lot of energy
7. Rock Music! The Beatles, Styx, Cradle of Filth, Kid Rock
8. Anything from Youtube. For instance, Julian Smith.
9. Big Band. Michael Buble, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, Dino Martin, The Rat Pack, Ella Fitzgerald

Anyway, if you have trouble finding music to cook to, I hope this helped you out.


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