Chicken and Mozzarella Panini – Grilled Sandwich Recipe

Chicken and Mozzarella Panini – Grilled Sandwich Recipe.


This looks pretty dang good.  Making this for dinner tonight.




Starting TV Week(s)

So, it occurs to me that I watch A LOT of TV.  Which is kind of amazing, since I am a college student without cable.  My room mate just printed out the list of movies and TV series that we have (insert list 6 pages long). So, I’m going to start posting about TV shows that I watch.  Talk a little about the show, the characters, the actors, that type of thing, just because I can.  And if it has something to do with food… even better, but no guarantees. 🙂

Because it is Tuesday (which generally follows Monday) and most of the good shows are on Monday (IE: Castle, Warehouse 13) I am going to talk about something I love to nerd out about.  SUPERHEROS!  Even better that this week of Castle had both superheros and Shakespeare (love Martha).

Does anyone else out there really want  Lone Vengeance to be a comic strip/graphic novel?  Because that guy was really REALLY kickass!  Love the fact that good ol’ Rick brought out his comic books to compare the costumes of various heroes with the costume for Lone Vengeance.   What is even better than that, is the fact that 1. Kate totally got everything Rick was saying and added her own imput, 2. Ryan had a “Castle Moment” while thinking up possible motives, 3. Kate pre-oredered Rick’s graphic novel (she is so a closet nerd, but that is about to change) and 4. Rick couldnt get Martha’s costumes (though her King Lear really didnt look like King Lear to me, so I dont blame him).